I missed getting our week in review out last week as we were up in Livermore and focused on more wine country adventures. And the down-to-earth, slightly folksy Livermore showed us a good time with plenty of wine tastings, barrel tours and fun times with friends. We also had a bonus meet-up with Al and Tanni of Danville (and Loreto Bay homeowners) for a delicious Thai dinner at Similan.

Last week we set a new record for people writing in to us. Thanks for that — it’s the best part of being part of this blog!

SSC becomes more interesting when there is a variety of voices; other perspectives and stories. So our appreciation again to Mike, Linda, Bob and Suzi, Annie, Jane and others that contribute their knowledge, wit, humor and community spirit. Don’t forget you can contribute too by writing comments on posts or emailing a blog entry to starkinsider.com. Also, readers continue to enjoy articles by regular writers Al Graichen (aka. Photographer in Residence), Carl Orthlieb (currently special corespondent on Bucerias), Tom Eden (movie buff) and Mike Carrall (gadget guy & sugar heart eater).

This blog continues to reach an increasingly global audience…

In January we had visitors from all over the world landing on this site to discover wine, Loreto, travel and Loni’s crazy videos. Places like Italy, UK, Australia, Central and South America, France and Germany to name a few. We say hello to you all! The world is indeed flat.

Our core audience continues to come from the US, Canada and Mexico with strong representation from Loreto (of course), Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias (attracting new readers thanks to Carl’s colorful stories), Cabo San Lucas and La Paz.

From Canada we see lots of visitors from BC (notably Victoria and Vancouver), Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton), Ontario (Toronto and Ottawa), Québec (Montreal) and Halifax out East.

In the US people primarily visit from both coasts, with the West Coast representing the largest audience (from the Baja up to California, Oregon, Washington and BC). New York is growing as is other areas (like Destin, Florida!) where people are interested in owning vacation homes, reading about wine country or just taking in some travel stories and adventures.

Okay enough pre-amble. For those that missed the last few weeks of SSC, here is the summary.

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