Current R5 owners, is it worth upgrading to the new R5 Mark II?

As a Canon EOS R5 shooter, is it time to upgrade to the new Mark II?

To upgrade or not to upgrade? The eternal question us video shooters and camera enthusiasts ask ourselves every so often (too often). Now with the Canon EOS R5 Mark II on the scene many of us original R5 owners are probably wondering if it's worth the upgrade to the latest model. Following...
All new Amazon Echo Spot smart clock 2024

Amazon’s new Echo Spot (2024) should appeal to those seeking the basics in a smart bedside clock

Amazon, somewhat surprisingly, revealed a new Echo device just in time for Prime Day. The updated version of the beloved Echo Spot features a similar design to the original, but upgrades all the important stuff you'd want improved. Better display. Better speaker. Better performance. One difference: The all-new Spot no longer...
KODAK PIXPRO WPZ2 Rugged Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof WiFi Digital Camera

Old school cameras outselling modern ones in Japan (Maybe tech isn’t everything?)

Maybe specs aren't everything? These days it seems all things vintage and retro and the cool kids. Take video games. Retro gaming and that nostalgia associated with re-visiting video game titles from decades ago is a massive thing right now. Even for those new to iconic consoles such as the...
Panasonic CineBox 6K Cinema Camera

Panasonic to follow Blackmagic’s lead, announce box camera? (CineBox!?)

Everyone these days wants a box camera. The reason is simple. You can rig them up however you like. For some projects that might mean all sorts of audio gear, secondary monitors and various mounts. For others I could mean stripping it right down to the bare minimal to...
Blackmagic Design PYXIS 6K Cinema Box Camera
Yashica I'm Back Micro Mirrorless compared to DSLR mirrorless size

Are micro mirrorless cameras the next big thing?

Small, inexpensive, fun. Photography goes back to basics.
Nikon Coolpix - Retro, compact travel digital camera

Trendspotting: Compact cameras make a comeback

What's old is new again. It never seizes to amaze me how products or trends that seem long faded -- jean shorts, silver HiFi components, vinyl, NES video games, etc. -- find a way to not only become popular, but once again hip and cool. Retro games is a big...
Canon EOS R5 with 50mm RF lens test

Trendspotting: Canon aims for #1 in mirrorless camera market (strategy presentation)

According to a new presentation, it seems Canon is looking to topple Sony as the mirrorless camera leader. PetaPixel pointed out that per the slide deck's opening strategy reveal, Canon says it wants to achieve "overwhelming number one share" of the mirrorless market. The time frame? Within the next two...

Do I suddenly own a Nikon Cinema Camera?

I had this crazy dream last night that I just need to share here. It was a dystopian world, with random lightning strikes all over the place, sort of like Blade Runner (1982) of course. Then over the broadcast system came the announcement: Nikon has acquired RED! Even though I was apparently...
Octopus 16 - Super 16mm cinema camera

Is this the Super 16 box cinema camera we’ve always wanted?

UPDATE: has published an article about the "OCTOPUS16" and includes additional specs from the company itself. (it's called a prototype for a reason, so keep that in mind as you read about this could-be, interesting camera) Another day, another article about the mysterious Octopus camera. This time well-regarded site TechRadar...