Everyone is talking about Super Bowl weekend. At the checkout at Trader Joe’s we’re asked who were cheering for. Co-workers have their theories and predictions on how Warner will perform in his first return to the big stage in 10 years.

I’m a little bit sour. We’ve been stuck in the Bay Area “re-building” for what seems like eternity with new coaches, new franchise players and new hope each season for the 49ers and Raiders.

I have to admit most of my passion is now channeled to hockey, a sport played at high speed with on the fly player changes.

Still, I love Super Bowl Sunday. The excitement level is dialed in to 11. The anthem. The fighter jet fly-by. The kick-off. The screaming fans. The rocking half-time show. And, of course, those ever popular commercials.

So, who am I cheering for? Well of course I’m going forĀ whoever you are!

This year is a tough one with two likable teams.

Pittsburgh has a long tradition of winning, and for some reason, I accept it more readily than a city like New York. I like the grit. I like the classiness of the organization, and the colorfulness of the players like Roethlisberger.

On the other hand Arizona is an underdog with a chip on its shoulder, and an aging wiley veteran at the helm in Warner, who was not supposed to make it this far. Larry Fitzgerald has emerged front and center.

Is it okay to just wish for a close, exciting game (and good food)?

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