Clinton Stark

Clinton directs and shoots videos for Stark Insider. His interests include San Francisco arts, hi-res audio, and Ingmar Bergman. Peloton: ClintTheMint. More about Clinton Stark: Bio | IMDB | Gear
Sony Alpha a7 III sale price discount for video shooters

Black Friday Deals: Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm mirrorless cameras for shooting 4K video

Shopping for a 4K mirrorless video camera? Here's some quality deals for some of my favorite bodies.

First Impressions: Mobifitness Turbo Exercise Bike (unboxing)

Auto-resistance. Free spin classes. Third party compatible. A mid-market value play for $899 USD.
San Francisco Opera - Bay Area Arts Together campaign

Trendspotting: 100 San Francisco arts organizations launch #BayAreaArtsTogether campaign to win back live audiences

"#BayAreaArtsTogether aims to unite the Bay Area community around the arts."
Peloton How to pause class

Peloton Users: You can now pause on-demand classes

"All of a sudden, a cry comes from the kid’s room. No need to worry!"
Panasonic BS1H on set

Panasonic BS1H. Bad name. Good camera. “Unbox Your Creativity”

Panasonic says this tiny new camera is suitable for cinema and live streaming projects.
Tesla increases Model 3 and Model Y prices

Crazy demand? Tesla increases Model 3 and Y prices – yet again

People seem to really want a Tesla. And will pay the price.

Trendspotting Tesla Q3: 241,300 deliveries, +20% q/q, 96% Model 3/Y and 4% Model S/X

Barron's gives Tesla a passing grade for Q3 deliveries.