Some news bits from Loreto for those interested in following the recent promotional efforts:

  • The Loreto Visitors Bureau is working with the Baja Tourism Board on a press trip scheduled for Jan 30 – Feb 1
  • There will be another “huge” press trip also sponsored by the Bureau with “major US publications” in attendance scheduled for Feb 8 – 12
  • La Mision hotel as most everyone knows now is open for business and running specials
  • The “Twice as Nice at Half the Price” promotion has been extended through February (as we previously noted here, and on a ‘Loreto Live’ podcast with Jim Spano) with 5 additional restaurants joining, as well as 5 major hotels, 3 major car rental companies, golf and other activities

It’s good to see the Loreto Vistiors Bureau kick into gear and continue to turn up the heat in a challenging 2009 economic environment.

I can’t imagine a better place to visit to get some R&R and to enjoy the beauty of the Sea of Cortez. With the half price promotion, tourists can extend their vacation dollar that much further.

We’ll be interested, as I’m sure a lot of Loreto Bay home owners will be as well, in the resulting press coverage from some of these scheduled junkets.

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