A note to Articles in All things Wine. Just released to wine club members only, John Evan, an offshoot, actually offspring, of The Big White House in Livermore, CA offers very small lot, intense wines that are very drinkable upon release, yet cellar for years. The description from the label tells it all…

“The Winter Star, 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, Livermore Valley, CA/ This Winter Star is the last barrel of the 2004 Wisner Cabernet. Eeking out every last drop of this already concentrated wine, the Winter Star needed a full four years of aging to get tannins as harsh as a mid-winter night to soften to the starlight texture it has now. In the nose it has bright Cabernet varietal notes of cedar, clove and cherries followed by more brooding accents of cacao, tobacco and leather. In the mouth, this wine really shines with great mid-palate structure and a rich dark chocolate finish. The Winter Star is so named because it is bottled and released during the week of the Winter Solstice. The tannins at the finish are still fairly pronounced and, coupled with the vibrant fruit, led us to keep it in barrel for over four years and still recommend significant cellaring, that is unless you really want to just have it now.”

Al Graichen

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