This week was for the birds; Loni’s little birds that is, that continue to build nests around our house. Now we have bird seed in the courtyard strategically positioned to keep our new guests comfortable. The 4 egg watch continues. And I’m sure it’s one of the most riveting stories out there right now. 

Al enjoyed an evening at the San Francisco preview of Angels & Demons, along with some fine Quintessa wines. Sounds like a nice combo! Jane, meanwhile, lamented the summer closing of everyone’s favorite Loreto desert spot: Del Borracho. Up along West Coast Canada, Patterson kept emailing in (to blog@starkinsider, of course!) stories and colorful photos of the beautiful city of Vancouver. 

Last night, we hosted a dinner party with some family here in San Jose. Carl brought over a sentimental bottle of 1982 Claret from Bordeaux that his father had given him many (many) years back. I’ll write up how it went when I hopefully get a chance later today. It’s what good times, family and wine are all about.

Now we’re off to meet Baja Barry at the Camera Cinema, after I finish this espresso (made with beans from Starbucks beans from Costco, private labelled and a great deal at $9.99/bag). Yes, simple things keep me happy.

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