four-bird-eggs-in-nestThis morning I wrote about my interesting mishap involving a bird’s nest, three eggs and a camera. Not easily discouraged, this evening I decided to make a second attempt at capturing a photo of the three eggs I had spotted this morning in a nest in our courtyard.

I made a detour driving home from work and purchased a new digital camera. I figured I needed one anyways. What would StarkSilverCreek be if both Clint and I are camera-less? This evening, I patiently waited until the little bird decided to leave the nest and stroll around the rest of our courtyard and backyard. Having learned my lesson from this morning, I made sure the only device I had in my hands was the camera and that I was singularly focused on the task.

My height handicaps me from looking into the nest, sometimes I can catch a glimpse of the eggs if I stand on my tippy toes. I carefully reached over with one arm and took the photo. Much to my surprise, instead of three eggs being captured on the new shiny back screen of my camera, there were four.

Pretty amazing such a small little bird decided to build a nest in our star jasmine plant. I wonder if there will be more eggs. I was going to build caging around my strawberries…now I may not. This summer I may be supporting a family of five birds.


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