Here’s a twist on the number of jelly beans in the jar guessing game.

This time try to guess the number of dolphins in this glorious pod of stunning, joyful dolphins dancing across the Sea of Cortez. It is a sight to behold! I only wish we had some better quality video to show you, but if you haven’t experienced this in person then I highly recommend you go out on a boat next time you’re in Baja California Sur.

So here’s the deal. Loni said that there is about 20 dolphins here (see her post Loreto Bay National Marine Park: Public input solicited for new management plan). I claim there are hundreds. She is, with complete, utter, unbelievable absurdity, accusing me of exaggerating…amazing…exaggerating!!!

Why not, I thought, have you be the judge? (there is a second video after the break, and more evidence tilting the debate in my favor?)

I dug up these clips for you to hopefully enjoy a few brief seconds of the beauty that is the Sea of Cortez, and perhaps settle our little debate.

Thanks to John who wrote in with this helpful information, which would seem to further bolster my case:

Hi Clint,
I may be able to settle a disagreement between you & your lovely wife. According to the Scripps institute of oceanography you only see about 20% of the pod on the surface. Take Care, John

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