In the latest ‘Wine Tube’ episode , we enjoyed some Napa style big, bold Cabs at Franciscan Estate in St. Helena. Check it out to see Loni with Emilie on a behind the scenes tour.

‘War Music’ was ambitious, but ultimately did not deliver. Although, I will say it did leave a lasting impression: the dialog was big (and plenty) and some of the scenes outrageous.

Our thanks again to Al and Jane who kept us updated and entertained from Loreto; lots of beautiful photos (and a video too), plus stories and details on what’s happening at the Loreto Bay development were appreciated!

Loni is prepping for her trip to Harvard tomorrow. One again, trying to stay a step (or two) ahead of me. She says she will be taking pictures and will try to write a story or two from campus, but I find it hard to believe that will happen. Meantime, she has left me with some “gruel” (her chicken curry). Hopefully that, plus some Diet Coke and wine will get me through the week until she returns.

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