Franciscan Estates produces 240,000 cases of wine a year making it one of the largest in Napa. Join Loni on WineTube for a behind the scenes tour of this classic winery.

Our thanks to Emile Wyrick for being a wonderful host and sharing her infinite knowledge on wine and winemaking with Loni and myself.

I caught Loni again with a mini blooper. How do you say “Magnificat”? Try saying it aloud, multiple times. Watch as Loni tries as everyone looks on! I don’t think she was too happy that I included it, but it makes it way more fun, no?!

The opening shot in front of the grapecrusher with Loni’s intro was shot on highway 29 (you can hear the traffic roaring past). We had to quickly park in a no stopping zone, and get the shot which I think turned out well — aside from the fact that some of the swaying grass is taller than Loni.

Clinton Stark
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