A BeaverTail pastry from Ottawa – even President Obama couldn’t resist

Somehow, some way, I managed to survive a week here surrounded by two Kao women, with Loni’s sister in town from Toronto for a visit. Thank goodness I spend part of my evenings and weekends reviewing wine! Well, okay, it was actually a lot of fun. I’m not sure what Loni’s family think of her videos and podcasts on Stark Insider… who is this person? After listening to a ‘Wine Tales’ podcast, Loni’s sister thought her voice sounded “creepy”!

The travel action will be picking up again as next week we’re off to a mystery location that Loni has been dropping clues about. And then after that we will be down to Loreto Baja for an update on the progress of our home, the Loreto Bay development and of course the town of Loreto itself. It should be a lot of fun.

Meantime, here are the headlines from the last week on Stark Insider. Have a great week everyone.

StarkSilverCreek Contest Update
Mystery Weekend Getaway (Can you guess where we’re going?)
Loreto Baja

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