Most of the time I see the glass half full. Other times I rail against irrational, annoying human behavior that seems to rear it’s head on a regular basis. Or maybe I’m just in one of those moods. Shrug it off. Think positive. So here are the little things you and I can do to keep this world moving in the right direction… nothing earth shattering to be sure, just the little things, baby steps.

Tip properly when deserved

“Tips” stands for to ensure proper service. So if you get good service, tip appropriately. That means 15% or 20% for dinner. I know times are tough, and cutting back is in order no doubt, but if you plan to eat out, the gratuity should be included as part of your budget. It’s unfair to assume otherwise, especially to the hard working folks serving you. 

Don’t get me wrong though: if service is poor or even non-existent, don’t tip. I have no qualms there. In really bad situations you should speak tactfully with the manager.

Slow drivers stay to the right

Slow driver: if you are driving under the speed limit (which at times can be equally as dangerous as speeding), why are you in the left lane? 

Manners still count

What is happening to common courtesy? Like thanking someone for a polite action. Holding open the door. Moving aside to let someone pass through. Helping someone with a large parcel. All noble actions, and it warrants at least a thank you!

Donate your time and energy to a good cause

I don’t believe in flipping a quarter or dollar to a “homeless man” at a stop light who is clearly work-ready, with overgrown beard. That money goes right back into booze and drugs, and helps no one.

Instead, put your money and/or time into an officially recognized organization where your contributions will make a difference.

Don’t litter and verbally call out those that do

It tears me apart, in the words of James Dean. Why do people throw trash (and yes cigarette butts are trash) out the window like we’re living in the wild west? That stuff does not magically evaporate, nor do little pixies fly in to take it away to a distant planet specifically for human landfill. 

There should be a special taser that we all carry that can be used on people that willfully trash our planet… oh, yes it can also be used on people that give money to drug hungry “homeless” vagrants, or those that don’t offer the slightest thanks, or slow-driving distracted drivers clogging the fast lane, or those that don’t think twice about stiffing service staff for working hard to serve you deep fried onion rings.

Monica Turner
Contributor to Stark Insider for tech, the arts and All Things West Coast for over 10 years.