evolutionAnother action packed week here at SSC. It seems like every 10 minutes something new comes our way: an email, a guest blog, a comment, a tweet.

The other day, Loni and I were at the gym. Loni was pretending to work “hard” on the elliptical while I was trying to beat my ghost on the Expresso (of Sunnyvale, CA) bike machine — try that, on something like the “Stump Puller” course.

Sure enough, during the last 1/2 mile I pulled out my hero routine and decided to burn all the advanced pacers (I had already put 90 seconds between me and the regular pacer helping boost my false sense of confidence). All my body parts felt okay at that point. Then, all of a sudden, my calf muscle blew out. Literally.I’ll spare the details, but it involved me rolling on the floor in agony as several pilates students looked on with mild amusement and curiosity. 

While I limped out of the club, Loni seemed more preoccupied with the number of emails and comments she needed to write on this site. When we arrived home, it was straight to our laptops of course; luckily I took a quick detour to grab an Advil and a glass of wine. The show must go on!

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