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Ever watch a whale feed? We had quite the treat watching a Fin whale feed this week, just about two miles out in front of the Loreto Bay development two days ago.

The sea was thick with krill on the surface so he was having quite a feast. And thanks to Rafa spotting the whale and Pancho’s patience, I was able to get a few photos despite the bumpy conditions on our afternoon return to Loreto.


Grabbing a mouthful! see the baleen.
Grabbing a mouthful! see the baleen.
see the baleen.
extending and opening wide!

We were returning from a glorious morning of seeing Blue Whales. Blue whales of course being the largest and up to 108 feet and 190 tons; Fin Whales the second largest, up to 88 feet.

Blue Whale just between the islands of Danzante, Carmen, and Monsarrat two days ago.

Scientists estimate that large baleen whales like Fin & Blue eat about 4% of their body weight each day during the feeding season. While Blue whales eat mostly krill, the Fin whales eat krill, copepods, squids, and variety of small schooling fishes. A blue whale eats up to 3,600 kg (8,000 lb.) of krill each day for about 120 days. It is estimated to take 1,000 kg (2,200 lb.) of food to fill a blue whale’s stomach. Learn more here

Whether you go to the Pacific side and watch Grey’s and their babies or just head out in our own back yard for Blues, Fins, and Humpbacks….there is always a magical moment to be had on the sea. So get out there!! There are almost always our dolphin friends to play with….

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