2009 Super Bowl XLIII Report Card
The game
A classic. Back and forth, with big plays and prime time athletic talent. 
The anthem
(Jennifer Hudson) 
Layered emotion due to Hudson’s family tragedy. The best since Whitney Houston’s 1991 rendition.
Half-time show
(Bruce Springsteen) 
The Boss still has knees! Entertaining. But did most viewers relate? 
Al & John     
By the book, as expected. Let the drama of the game shine through.
The ads     
Terrible. Again proving too much money can kill creativity. Alec Baldwin a bright spot in quirky Hulu ad.
Trophy presentation 
Anti-climactic. Nothing saps excitement like a raised spaceship pod with forced speeches and interviews. Looked like a set piece from U2’s Lemon Discoteque tour.
The party I attended     
First class. All the trappings: too much food, too many desserts. Big screen home theater viewing awesome.