Super Bowl Party Potluck Ideas

Super Bowl Sunday is about records. How many times a team has won the Super Bowl, number of touchdowns, longest run in Super Bowl history…

Whether you are a football fan or not, you probably did partake in the sport of eating. And for this, Super Bowl is in third-place for the day Americans consume the most food. It is only dwarfed by Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The potluck hosted by Carl and Susan O. was no exception. Here is the play-by-play of all the dishes served up at this Super Bowl party. These photos should serve as inspiration for what to bring to your next potluck event.

Loni Stark
Loni Stark is an artist at Atelier Stark, self-professed foodie, and adventure travel seeker who has a lifelong passion for technology’s impact on business and creativity. She collaborates with Clinton Stark on video projects for Atelier Stark Films. It’s been said her laugh can be heard from San Jose all the way up to the Golden Gate Bridge. She makes no claims to super powers, although sushi is definitely her Kryptonite.