2014 HTC One: Early look

You don't have to wait until next month to get a glimpse of the refreshed HTC One phone, known as the "All New One." Here's a first look at the Android powerhouse.

Samsung’s Android attack could begin with Tizen-powered Smartwatch

Tizen and Galaxy Gear together? That sounds like a flop double down.

Samsung Galaxy S5: 5 Things we know about the next killer Android handset

Would Samsung dare to release a version of the S5 running an OS other than Android?

Are refreshed MacBooks, iPads enough for Apple?

Though I'm quite fond of the Surface, and Dell's Venue 8 Pro, there's no denying that the single best tablet on the market today is the iPad Mini. Hands down. Brilliant. Especially at the new price point of $299.

Is Apple ‘iWatch’ tech’s greatest head fake?

If true, arch-nemesis Samsung took the bait. They put hundreds of engineers onto the Gear project, and poured a bunch more into marketing the thing (with abysmal results to spare).

Samsung launches Wearable Computing Era – but will it succeed?

If Galaxy Gear succeeds, expect 2014 to see a non-stop parade of wearable tech products. Google Glass most famously should launch sometime in the first half.

Samsung makes push for developers

2013 has been a big year for Samsung. In March, the Galaxy S 4 was unveiled at a splashy New York City event. The phone was go on to a big seller, receiving mostly positive reviews.

Verdict: Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play edition

There's universal agreement that both the S4 and One are the epitome of Android. But all is not perfect. Google's biggest problem: Nexus 4.

Android Dilemma “Google Edition”: Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One?

Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One, which is better? My research suggests the internet is split. Here's what I'm buying to replace a Nexus 4.

Samsung on top

On the heels of the Galaxy S4 launch, Samsung was able to outsell Apple, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry and every other notable smartphone maker in May.