Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

According to an early review of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the plastic scratches easily, and the software is not yet optimized for the eight-core processor.

Can Samsung stay on top?

Through the early part of 2013, Samsung has sold over 40 million S3 handsets. An astounding number. But during Q4, the S3 lost its lead to the iPhone 5 (and iPhone 4S) as the world's bestselling smartphone.

Android Dilemma: HTC One or LG Nexus 4?

HTC One (2013) is a beautifully designed phone, featuring a 5-inch HD display, Beats Audio, fast performance. But unlocked Nexus 4 freedom is hard to beat.

Tech News Today: $6B iWatch, Galaxy S IV Video, BlackBerry Price Cuts

If investors are concerned about growth at Apple, an iWatch, with the potential for 60% margins, could be the answer.

Tech News Today: Galaxy Nexus LTE Update, Apple iTunes U, Samsung beefs up Android

Nicknamed "Knox" (as in the fort that Goldfinger busted into), Samsung's new security software was released this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Life after Nexus 4

I'd like to see a thinner profile for the next Nexus. Also, that glass back has to go. It makes the phone unnecessarily slippery. Place it on a countertop or smooth desk, and you're a short slide away from disaster.

Apple iOS devices dominate the enterprise

In total, according to Good, iOS devices combined for 71% of all activations in the quarter, with Android smartphones trailing significantly at 21%.

Samsung Galaxy S IV launch set for March 14 in New York

The current version, the Galaxy S III, has been a runaway hit, stealing share from Apple's almighty iPhone, and putting major hurt on all Android comers including the LG Nexus 4, Google's direct-to-consumer play.

Samsung moves 5 million ‘phablets’ – yes, large screens have large appeal

UBS forecasts that Samsung will sell 61.5 million smartphones in Q4 - largely in part thanks to the success of large format smartphones, including the Galaxy Note II (5.5-inches) and Galaxy S III (4.8-inches).