The Wearable Wave: Apple, Asus, Motorola, Samsung, LG and HTC (Odds-on favorites)

Plus: When will Amazon jump into the wearables market?

Android OS still dominates, gains 4% y/y market share

Google gains, while Apple loses market share for Q2 2014. Meanwhile, Chinese vendors Huwaei, Lenovo and Xiaomi are making inroads in handset shipments.

Surprise! Samsung unveils Tab S tablets, touts Super AMOLED displays

According to Samsung, its new S Tab 8.4 and 10.5 feature what the world's first Super AMOLED displays found on a tablet. But is it flooding the market?

Report: Apple smartwatch coming October 2014

If true that Apple has ordered only 3.5 million units, an Apple wearable is clearly not going to upend. Apple sells 30-50 million iPhones a quarter.

LG G3 Android flagship phone – Is this the Google Nexus 6?

What's most interesting about the G3 for many of us Android fanatics is that it could reveal what the next pure Google Nexus phone will look like.

HTC One 2014 (M8) on Google Play Store, but beware that bezel

Much love. BUT two issues with the HTC One (M8): (1) That insane $699 unlocked price and (2) that wasted bezel space with the HTC logo.

Android Dilemma: HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S5 or Google Nexus 6?

With the One M8, HTC didn't revolutionize the smartphone. Then again, no one is these days. We continue to see incremental improvements, and that includes Apple and the iPhone 5S.

HTC One could rule Android in 2014

Given that the S5 didn't blow everyone's doors off, and that the competition's flagship Android refreshes are a ways off, there is a silver lining for HTC.

Android Dominates Mobile World Congress

Google appears content letting Android run free, sort of like free love, or, for the competition, scurvy.

Galaxy S5 is here, does Samsung have enough to take down iPhone?

All told I'm slightly underwhelmed with what Samsung has done here. Then again, I don't really blame them. This is the safe play.