CES: Attendance up 17%, generates 158,000 tweets

140,000 industry professionals attended the marquee Las Vegas event.
CES day 1

In Photos CES Day 1: BlackBerry Playbook, MSi bots, birds

Colorful birds, real life Avatar warriors, and decked out sports cars were just some of the scenes that caught our eyes.
Mac App Store

Apple Mac App Store opens with 1,000 apps, pretty icons

And fear not, yes, Angry Birds is waiting for you. It's $4.99 and is one of the first "noteworthy" apps to greet you.
Sprint 4G

CES: Sprint 4G standing tall, “The 4G Android age has begun.”

You've got to hand it to Google's little green robot, he's getting a lot of attention these days.
Tablet Gmail

Android 3.0 YouTube preview posted by Google – includes Tablet optimized Gmail

The 1:33 video preview showcases web browsing, a "tablet-optimized" Gmail, more...

Spotted at CES: Giant Muve Music ad hanging on Luxor

Somehow they've been able to even out-size and out-smart street musician Criss Angel.
MSi Press Conference

CES 2011 Scorecard: LG, Intel, MSFT and Android tablets

Maybe Darth Vader can save the day with his mysterious announcement tomorrow at the Panasonic booth?
Las Vegas MGM

In Photos: Las Vegas 2011

Once again I'm astonished by the amount of walking and walking and walking required to get from point A to point B here.
Former Ottawa Rough Rider Rohan Marley... what is he promoting?

CES Press Preview: No “A-ha!” moments… yet

I asked him, "Didn't you play for the Ottawa Rough Riders?"