CES 2011: On the ground with Holly and Hooters

And I'm off to the Venetian... Let the games begin.

Chip Wars: Intel Sandy Bridge vs. NVIDIA Tegra 2 at #ces

With Sandy Bridge, Intel has machined the graphics processor onto the same die as the computer's main processor.
50 Cent

CES 2011 Name Dropping: 50 Cent, Seth Wescott, Aiden Turner, Larry King, others to attend

Representing from the Bay Area is San Jose born comedian/actor/web host Kevin Pollack.

CES 2011: 5 products to watch

Revenue forecast for tablets in 2011: about $25 billion.
Stark Insider Tech News

CES 2011: Other than tablets…

Personal solar panels for all.
BlackBerry PlayBook

CES 2011: Tablet line-up

According to CNET, there could be up to 70 new tablets introduced at this year's CES which will feature over 2,700 exhibitors.
Motorola Xoom

CES: 5 Storylines to follow

Storyline: Is RIM dead?