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‘Next Issue’ for Android not quite a smoky brat!

First: SEX still sells (and apparently always will). Second: No one looks human anymore - we are living in the world of Photoshopped Avatars. And third: Where's Playboy magazine?

Tech Wire: Galaxy Tab 2 delayed, Nokia ads jab Apple iPhone, Patent wars continue

Old joke? Nokia is bashing the iPhone reception. So far, Apple gets the last laugh. Latest mobile share: Google Android 48.6%, Apple iPhone 29.5%, Windows Phone 4.4%.
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Mobiles Republic lands $3 Million round, signs Stark Insider to content partnership

Stark Insider is thrilled to be part of the Mobiles Republic network. VP Todd McKellar told me that they'll use the new funds to "aggressively compete and accelerate our growth."
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Ice Cream Sandwich – Do consumers care?

Google will eventually need to find a better way. If consumers are stoked about a new OS, like they are with the iPhone 4S and iOS 5.1 ("Siri, let's talk"), then it drives demand for the latest device that runs it.
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5 Things You’ll Love About the New iPad

If you have an iPad 2 these may or may not persuade you to upgrade, but if you're on the original from 2010 then you're in for a quantum leap.
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Review: Back-iT iPad hard case

Here's a simple, low cost way to protect your new iPad.
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“My God! It’s full of stars!” – Apple iPad 3 vs. Galaxy Tab 10.1 Display

To the competition I have some unfortunate news: drop what you're doing, call up Samsung and figure how in heck you're going to duplicate what Apple has done here with this beautiful display.
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iPad Case Review: G-Form Extreme Sleeve, for when the going gets tough

You've probably read about G-Form before, and possibly even watched videos of iPads being dropped - Dave Letterman style - from amazing heights (hint: 500 ft. from an airplane).
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Upgrade or Die: New iPad display is for real

I have a feeling when we all get a look at the new iPad with its Retina display - courtesy of Samsung, no less - there'll be no turning back. Apple triumphs again.
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IDC got it wrong – why Android tablets won’t overtake Apple iPads

The challenge is that technology: (a) is not linear; (b) does not progress in predictable ways based on current assumptions; and (c) is heavily interconnected with social norms and beliefs.