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Amazon announces upgraded Kindle Fire, attacks iPad with Kindle Fire HD

Bezos took the wraps off Amazon's iPad killer, the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD. The larger tablet features a high-resolution 1920x1200 display, in-plane switching (254 pixels per inch), dual speakers featuring Dolby Digital Plus.

Top Tech Headlines: iPad Mini, new Lenovo 9-inch tablet, Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8

Given Apple's tremendous success with the iPad, its foray into the 7-inch space now dominated by Android (Kindle Fire, Nexus 7) should be cause for concern among the competition.

Apple goes back to school with iPhone 5, iPad Mini

If the rumors come true (and these days the grapevine has been overwhelmingly accurate), Apple will be finally attempting to deliver a non-patent blow to Samsung.

Apple to acquire Pinterest?

The business model is ripe for the plucking. Think Groupon circa 2009, before that became an explosive category with over 500 copy-cats worldwide.

5 Reasons why Amazon’s Kindle Fire is succeeding

Late last year I predicted the Amazon tablet would sell like hot cakes and become that season's Cabbage Patch doll. While I wasn't spot on with my timing, the Kindle Fire is selling extremely well.

Protect Your iPad: 2 cases that make the grade

Both of these products brought me one step closer to reconsidering the wisdom of keeping my tools unprotected.

Review: Asus Transformer Prime, Tony Stark approved

There's really no surprise, and I'll just go ahead and state it right up front: the Asus Transformer Prime is the best Android tablet currently available.

‘Next Issue’ for Android not quite a smoky brat!

First: SEX still sells (and apparently always will). Second: No one looks human anymore - we are living in the world of Photoshopped Avatars. And third: Where's Playboy magazine?

Tech Wire: Galaxy Tab 2 delayed, Nokia ads jab Apple iPhone, Patent wars continue

Old joke? Nokia is bashing the iPhone reception. So far, Apple gets the last laugh. Latest mobile share: Google Android 48.6%, Apple iPhone 29.5%, Windows Phone 4.4%.
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Mobiles Republic lands $3 Million round, signs Stark Insider to content partnership

Stark Insider is thrilled to be part of the Mobiles Republic network. VP Todd McKellar told me that they'll use the new funds to "aggressively compete and accelerate our growth."