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5 Reasons why this colorful mash-up is the new Apple logo

If Tim Cook needs to put his thumbprint on the world's most valuable company, and signal that he is ready to step out of Jobs' shadow and lead - creatively too - then a new, non-Jobs era logo is a good place to start.
iPad Accessory Review - Stark Insider

Review: Griffin IntelliCase for iPad

It's rare when I write about something I don't like, but somehow I think Griffin will survive. Instead, look for alternatives from Speck, Incipio, and Marware.
$499 16GB

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils iPad 3 – $499, Retina display, 4G LTE (Score: B+)

Powering the iPad 3 is the anticipated A5X dual-core processor (with quad-core graphics) which will give twice the performance as the iPad 2. On the downside the new tablet weighs slightly more than the previous model, but retains the same 10 hour battery life.
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Just In: CNBC says Apple iPad 3 with quad-core to launch next week

Then there's the cultural phenomenon. Last year line-ups at Apple stores extended city blocks. It was like some sort of trippy, consumerish, version of Woodstock... well, without the cause, the music, or the love-ins.
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Mobile World Congress: Mobiles Republic plans to release Ice Cream Sandwich product

Collectively News Republic, APPY Geek and Glam Life logged over 100 million page views in January 2012. That should tell us something about our thirst for news, RSS, and blog content, not to mention the prospects for the mobile ad market.
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Apple iPad 2 vs. iPad 3 Display Resolution Compared (Retina Rocks)

The iPad 3 will likely feature a 2048 x 1536 Retina display. That's twice the resolution of the current model. Also expect an A6 chip, and 4G LTE connectivity as I previously reported. We should see the Apple iPad 3 announced March 7.
Apple iPad 2 thinness compared

Here comes the Apple iPad Mini

Without a smaller model, say a 7-inch iPad, Apple automatically forgoes buyers who prefer a portable tablet. Instead, Amazon will ring up a Kindle Fire (decent) sale. Or Samsung a Galaxy Tab 2 (excellent) sale.

Verizon, AT&T to both offer 4G iPad 3 (Google Maps, Pandora fans rejoice!)

Interestingly, Apple is likely to go smaller with its tablet line-up to target those looking for a more portable solution while Amazon is rumored to be going larger, expanding beyond its 7-inch Kindle Fire.
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Get your Android news fix

After testing bucket loads of RSS, news aggregation, and social apps, I've narrrowed down my morning read to two Android apps.

Why did Android tablets fail? Start with price

4 reasons why Android Tablets are failing. And why that may soon change with the introduction of the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire.