Life after Nexus 4

I'd like to see a thinner profile for the next Nexus. Also, that glass back has to go. It makes the phone unnecessarily slippery. Place it on a countertop or smooth desk, and you're a short slide away from disaster.

Apple iOS devices dominate the enterprise

In total, according to Good, iOS devices combined for 71% of all activations in the quarter, with Android smartphones trailing significantly at 21%.

Samsung Galaxy S IV launch set for March 14 in New York

The current version, the Galaxy S III, has been a runaway hit, stealing share from Apple's almighty iPhone, and putting major hurt on all Android comers including the LG Nexus 4, Google's direct-to-consumer play.

Samsung moves 5 million ‘phablets’ – yes, large screens have large appeal

UBS forecasts that Samsung will sell 61.5 million smartphones in Q4 - largely in part thanks to the success of large format smartphones, including the Galaxy Note II (5.5-inches) and Galaxy S III (4.8-inches).