Samsung launched the S4 Android smartphone earlier this year to much fanfare, and praise.

The lack of one hasn’t hurt Samsung so far. But now the Korean giant, and Apple’s number 1 thorn, has decided to roll out the red carpet and host a conference for developers.

Announced this summer, the conference will take place October 27-29 in … San Francisco (St. Francis Hotel), but of course, the hipster city where Apple has hosted some of the most spectacular product releases and conferences – Samsung see, Samsung do, no?

The registration page just went live and can be found here. $299 gets access to all three days, including keynotes, breakout sessions, seminars and, no doubt, at last one or two Tom Haverford sanctioned triple-VIP parties.

Unlike Apple, however, Samsung doesn’t appear to be trumpeting any particular theme. Perhaps that this is its first conference is well and good enough. Plus, devs are pretty much allergic to corporate marketing anyways.

Point of interest, from WSJ tech blog:

One thing to watch, Ina Fried points out on All Things D, is how strongly Samsung encourages developers to write for its platforms over Google’s Android. Ars Technica speculated last month that Samsung might bust out its Tizen operating system. Earlier this year, Samsung’s mobile chief told the Journal that Samsung was planning to release a phone powered by the open-source OS, which it developed with Intel, sometime in the third quarter.

2013 has been a big year for Samsung. In March, the Galaxy S 4 was unveiled at a splashy New York City event. The phone was go on to a big seller, receiving mostly positive reviews. Next month, the company is widely expected to add a smartphone, dubbed Mega, to the Galaxy line with a (very) large display. Rumors persist that Samsung will beat Apple to the smartwatch market.

As of yet, no big names, tech or celebrity-wise, have been announced as presenters or performers.

Samsung’s first developer conference kicks off on Sunday, October 27 at 11am with a keynote.

Silicon Valley newsSamsung Developer Conference

First ever

October 27-29, 2013

St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco

$299 registration fee

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