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Samsung "Unpacked" Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Presentation at MWC

3 Takeaways from Samsung’s Galaxy S7 smartphone presentation at MWC

Smartphones are now about incrementalism. Will VR become tech's new Wow factor?
Facebook "Add a Link" limits

The Facebook Trap: “Add a Link” shuts down Google and your world

Forcing users into a walled garden is commonplace. Apple does it with iTunes. Google too, with the Google Store. Amazon does it with... Amazon.

Facebook beats again, tops $3 billion in Q3

Facebook beats analyst expectations, reports $3.2 billion in top line revenue for Q3. “I see nothing wrong with any of these numbers,” said one prominent analyst.

Want mobile web traffic? Here’s the two sites you need to be on

When it comes to ranking the top apps that drive mobile traffic, the latest results may surprise you. How do Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix compare?

Facebook Home looks promising – How will Apple respond?

Will Apple's next version of iOS have a social networking-like skin? One challenge is Apple's distinct non core competency in this arena. Their last social networking effort, Ping, was an unmitigated flop.

Facebook phone oh, no

Why on earth would we want to be restricted to a world that is increasingly seen as a best-in-class meme generator, a place where we're begged 24/7 to play Mad Skeletons (and Mad Burger!), a town littered with self-shots, and taco shots.

Facebook Ads could make you a star … in Cambodia

Various online channels I've spent ad dollars for Stark Insider include many of the usual suspects, including Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. But it's the latter that has me scratching my head.

Watch: Facebook Retail Roadshow

Ben & Jerry's performed a marketing mix analysis and determined that for every $1 it spends on Facebook, the company receives $3 in return.
Facebook IPO

Facebook IPO filing next week, $75-$100 Billion valuation (hang on to your hats)

It could be the biggest tech event in history. Will Facebook's IPO help us understand the value of Google+?
WSJ on Facebook - harbinger?

Wall Street Journal app on Facebook – scary proposition for publishers?

The Company wants us to live and breathe inside its increasingly suffocating world. Shop. Talk. Watch. Read. Listen.