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Facebook caught hiring PR firm to talk smack about Google via “op-eds”

Freedom of the press... or freedom of capitalism run amok?
Crowd Source 1931

Social Media: Have we reached a saturation point?

Perhaps the most revealing finding is that the interest in social networking search appears to be plateauing.
The Dark Knight on Facebook

Facebook and ‘The Dark Knight’ set to battle Netflix

But does the movie rental business fit well with social networking?
Who pur the arond in email?

Still: Facebook for fun, Google for search and email

Eventually I'm convinced email will die, or at least morph. The easiest predictor is the teen set.
A blueprint sketch, circa 2006, by Jack Dorsey, envisioning an SMS-based social network.

UberMedia – the risk of building a business on Twitter, Facebook

Then there's the connection between UberMedia and Twitter archnemesis, Facebook. Accel Ventures, which is an investor in Facebook, recently funded $17.5 million for UberMedia.

CNBC’s ‘The Facebook Obsession’ Premiering Thursday, January 6th at 9PM ET/PT

With more than half a billion users around the globe, there are more people on Facebook than there are in the entire United States.