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To Control Its Destiny, Facebook Bets Big on Hardware

Will a Facebook OS succeed in a bifurcated world of Google Android, Apple iOS?

Call me skeptical. But we've seen this sort of thing before. Remember the Facebook Phone? True, companies need to continually innovate. Or at least try. And Facebook is no different. They've had hits and they've had misses. Just like Amazon, Google, Apple and so many others. But I just don't see...
Global Internet User Growth: Report and trends by Mary Meeker

Trendspotting: Internet user growth slows, smartphone shipments decline + other trends (Mary Meeker Report)

Global internet user growth is still growing, but slower than before. Per Bond Capital partner Mary Meeker, year-over-year growth slowed to +6% versus +7% the year earlier. In addition, another -- not so surprising headline -- is also the slowing of smartphone shipments. Android and iOS handsets both saw y/y...
Alexa app compared to Sonos for whole home audio

Trendspotting: Echo Dot smart speaker leads way for Amazon on Cyber Monday

We love the Echo Dot. In fact we really, really love the tiny smart speaker. If there was any doubt about our obsession with all things Alexa, that was cast aside in a major way yesterday. Amazon says this year's Cyber Monday was the company's biggest shopping day ever. Ever....
Google VP of Product Management Sundar Pichai. Photo: Engadget.com.

Google+ social network finally shutting down

Google has announced that its shutting down Google+. The ill-fated social network was Google's attempt to take on Facebook. Although initially successfully -- especially among the tech community -- it offered little to differentiate itself. Most users were accustomed to and happy with enough with Facebook, and reluctant to sign...
Texture App for iOS and Android

Texture app to give Apple a leg up in bid for news and magazine subscribers

Texture is a great app. It wasn't always. After some rough early years the start-up finally got it right, and today it's easily one of my favorite apps for content. Now Apple has big plans for Texture. If you haven't heard of Texture before, it's an all-you-can-eat subscription service for...
Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Facebook keeps on rolling, gives us ‘chatbots’

Welcome to the new flesh! We now have yet another reason not to use a phone -- and yet another reason not to talk with each other. Chatbots are coming! And if Facebook has its way not only will we need to make less old school phone calls, but we'll rely less...
Oculus Rift - Review Roundup

Oculus Rift Reviews are In: Clunky VR portal or big hit?

It's finally here. Will the world ever be the same again? Or, more to the point, will virtual reality (VR) become a market reality, or simply exist as a niche product fulfilling the ardent dreams of hardcore gamers? Oculus Rift, the VR headset maker now owned by Facebook, began shipping today,...
Why Google Should Buy Twitter

5 reasons why Google should buy Twitter

Silicon Valley's most obvious deal?