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Ready for the Road: New Google self-driving car looks like a Fiat Anime

Fiat. Anime. A few words that come to mind when the new Google self-driving car was revealed this week at the company's HQ in Mountain View. Also: cartoon. This is a small -- tiny -- car. Where is the space for the pull-out bed? Where's the space to mount a flat-screen? And, what...

Will Porsche introduce a hybrid 911?

With BMW (i8) and the competition circling the wagons, Porsche would be near daft not to consider some form of hybrid 911 model.

He Won’t Stop: Elon Musk continues to push the envelope with Tesla

Planned Gigafactory could employ 6,500 and manufacture 500,000 electric gen III Tesla cars per year by 2020. Here's CEO Elon Musk's plans (6 page PDF).

Tesla goes San Diego to Vancouver for $0 – Here’s what the DriveFree Tesla S looks like

Tesla notes that "more than 99 percent of Californians and 87 percent of Oregon and Washington owners are now within 200 miles of a Supercharger."

Tesla S air suspension in action

The $1,500 option is active, while you drive. It can also give your Tesla S a bit of yellow school bus cool on demand.

Consumer Reports raves about Tesla S (Video)

Three auto experts from CR (as seen below in the video discussing the S) note that the team seemed to question every single aspect of what we've come to expect from a car; not merely the fact that it's battery powered.

In Photos: Tesla S Factory Pickup Experience (Fremont)

Find out what it's like to pickup a new electric Tesla S sedan fresh off the factory line in Fremont, California. Inside with photos, story, and the experience.

Tech News Today: PS4 ‘No game changer’, Apple iWatch, Tesla Sales + Google Announcement

If wearable computing thing is the next big thing, then it would make sense for Apple to invest in technology to compete with the likes of Google Glass.

Auto Trends: 6 out of 10 milennials prefer hybrid cars

"Gen Y consumers clearly view their automobiles as more than just a way to get from point A to point B."

Toyota targets young buyers with Prius c – low priced, urban plug-in

Targeted at younger buyers who may have previously been priced out of the hybrid market, the Prius c ("City") will start at around $19,000 making it the lowest cost plug-in available on the market.