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Tesla Model 3 shareholder sales report

Elon Musk on Tesla: “I think we just became a real car company”

CEO and founder celebrates 7,000 Tesla cars in 7 days with Twitter ♥️for his team.
Tesla Model 3 market share vs Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Lexus

Trendspotting: Tesla Model 3 out-selling Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lexus in mid-sized premium auto segment

"Model 3 is now the best-selling mid-sized premium sedan in the USA" Tesla Model 3 is on top. And all it took was about five months of shipments of its new "mainstream" priced electric car. Tesla today tweeted a chart depicting market share for the mid-sized premium sedan market segment. There's no...
Tesla Model 3 shareholder sales report

Trendspotting: Tesla Model 3 sales are crushing the competition in California

California New Car Dealers Association reports that it received 3,723 or 14.3% of all new registrations for the new Tesla Model 3. That tops all the competition, including the Mercedes C-Class at 12.7% and BMW 3-series at 12.5%.
Pebble 2 Review

Um, no: “Pebble is dead and hardware buttons are going with it”

"Pebble is dead and hardware buttons are going with it" So says The Verge. Normally I agree with what most of their writers have to say. In this case I politely beg to differ. Being Canadian and all it's just not in my nature to not smile and say something...
EVEConnect for Tesla now supports Insteon devices

Tesla owners can now control Insteon devices from the touchscreen

Tesla owners continue to get all the goodies. In this case, Insteon. This week the company announced its smart home devices can now be controlled directly from the Tesla S and X touchscreen interface. To do so, you'll need an app called EVEConnect (Version 2). There's a free edition as...
Tesla Model S P100D Sedan - 2016 Announcement

New target for Tesla: LaFerrari

How ludicrous can Elon Musk get? Very ludicrous. As in, LaFerrari ludicrous. Today's announcement is, once again as we've come to expect from Tesla, mind melting. How on earth can a four door sedan with ample luggage capacity and a roomy cabin possibly put up these kinds of performance numbers? And yet: Model S...
Tesla Model 3 in Red and Silver - Exterior

Tesla Model 3: One screen to rule (or is that, to distract?) them all

No one would argue that touchscreens aren't the way of the future. In most cases. They make user interfaces that much intuitive. Without the ability to tap, swipe, and pinch, iPads and iPhones would not nearly resemble the useful consumer products we've come to appreciate. But when it comes to...
Tesla Model S Launch - Elon Musk is new Steve Jobs

Is Tesla CEO Elon Musk the new Steve Jobs?

That Tesla's Model 3 will sell like hotcakes seems undeniably obvious. Apple-like line-ups formed early this morning (and overnight), with thousands across the country (and the world) lining up to plunk down $1,000 (at least here in the U.S.) to "pre-order" a car they have yet to see. Early word from those...
Tesla Model S - self-driving car

How self driving will become the new driving

Technology matters, yes, but the cultural and marketing implications of self-driving cars could be profound.
The Cult of RED - RED Raven cinema camera

RED Raven and Stark Insider: The Cult of RED

RED Raven digital cinema camera. The fastest $1,000 I've ever spent. Had I been lured, like so many before me, by the Cult of RED?