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2012 Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric borrows grill from Aston Martin

Deliveries for the all-electric, Ford's first plug-in, start in March. It's a nice looking car, sort of a mash-up between an Aston and Volvo.
Churchill Club - Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley: CFOs from McAfee, Tesla, NetApp, NVIDIA discuss roles and 2012 outlook

If I were working for the NY Post I might say 3 out of 4 CFOs say the economy will improve in 2012. However, probably best to draw your own conclusions.
Tesla - SFO Green Vehicle Parking

SFO rolls out green carpet for Tesla (and others too!)

Nothing better than off-setting your jet-lag with a fully charged battery-powered roadster awaiting.
Stanford Leading Matters Pikes Peak

Stanford researchers discuss automotive future at Leading Matters conference

When I saw the title, TheĀ  Automobile: Past, Present and Future I knew it would be an easy decision when evaluating which presentation to attend next at the Stanford Leading Matters conference. While Loni disappeared down a hall at the Santa Clara Convention Center to a panel on innovation,...

No more 230 MPG, EPA to release new formula for electric cars

It was too good to be true. And too absurd not to evoke chuckles. The claims were intoxicating. 230 MPG for the Chevrolet Volt. 367 MPG for the Nissan Leaf. Step right up, place your order, and wave goodbye to Mid-East oil. But wait, not so fast. Finally the EPA is...

EPA and Department of Energy need to rethink mileage calculations

Earlier this week, General Motors announced the upcoming 2010 Chevy Volt would get 230 mpg (Mike wrote about it on SSC, Will the Chevy Volt really get 230 miles per gallon?). That headline made my eyes pop. Could a new hybrid vehicle from GM beat out its closest competitor,...

2010 Honda Insight adds respectable handling to hybrid market

Toyota, with its successful Prius model, has enjoyed several years of little competition in the 4-door hybrid market. Although Honda had been selling an older generation Insight, its styling and technology were dated. With the 2010 Honda Insight, that is no longer the case. Engineers at the vaunted Japanese automaker...

Tesla Motors: Inside the Silicon Valley dealership with photos and updates

The green car you see in these photos was used in recent photos with Tesla CEO Elon Musk (founder of PayPal).