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Kindle likes the Sun

Kindle commercial – differentiation in action

Kindle's killer "app" so to speak is its display: It works outdoors.
Summer tech gadgets

Summer gadget roundup

The most interesting, travel-ready (but not necessarily kid or sand proof), flat-out-fun gadgets available today.

Tablet sales to eclipse Netbooks by 2012, but why?

It's a perfect storm of cultural transformation: social networking, micro-communication, and a societal premium placed on content consumption.
Apple iPad banned Yankee Stadium

Why did the Yankees ban the iPad from the ballpark?

If you're going to a Yankees baseball game, you can't bring a laptop. And now you can't bring in your iPad either. When I saw the headline about the ban I wondered why they would initiate such a "security" policy. Perhaps when fans are surfing, they are less prone to...

New tablets make Apple iPad look even better

Want proof that Apple does it right? When it comes to the gloriously sexy new iPad, all you need to do is look at what everyone else is doing. Disaster is one of the first words that comes to mind. Rush-job might be another. It seems like Apple does...

Apple iPad initial impressions, I’m kinda cool

Yes, while I realize everyone and their dog (and possibly their cat, their mouse and their chicken) have written about the iPad. The reviews are bountiful, and available in every nook and cranny across the Web-o-sphere. Yet I finally had the chance to test one out earlier this week,...

Scoring the Apple iPad Easter weekend

This Easter will be one to remember, thanks to a certain little 10-inch mobile computing device launched by our friends in Cupertino. If we've learned anything, it's that hype begets hype begets even more hype, which in turn can lead to an avalanche of consumer expectation, and, well... hype. And...

Apple iPad apps now live on iTunes, a quick look

If you're getting an iPad this weekend then cancel all your plans, and block off hours and hours to enjoy lots of app surfing. And so far it looks like there will be plenty of juicy, glossy, sexy stuff to chose from. Today Apple launched the iPad apps section...

Apple iPad early word: It’s a winner

The reviews of the Apple iPad have hit all the major outlets over the last twenty-four hours. And so far, so good. In general they've been overwhelmingly positive, forgiving small nits such as no flash, no multitasking, and extolling features such as speed, convenience, and ease-of-use. No joking. "The first iPad...

Apple readies new ad platform, rival Google?

It's all iPad all week. And while most of the attention will be focused on the sexy new device (get ready for an avalanche of never ending unboxing videos and juicy photos), there is a real battle for online ad supremacy brewing behind the scenes. Today though it's likely to start...