Dell Streak: You're hard to love.
Dell Streak: You're hard to love.

Want proof that Apple does it right? When it comes to the gloriously sexy new iPad, all you need to do is look at what everyone else is doing. Disaster is one of the first words that comes to mind. Rush-job might be another. It seems like Apple does have a home-run on their hands as sales figures are proving the case. So then, all the boardrooms across the country (and world) are lighting up. We need a tablet. Get me one of those touch things that’s so cool. Cha-ching!

Like I and others have said before, design matters. Human interfaces. Sex appeal. Mere hardware alone does not make for a lust worthy object. Although the pictures below suggest it’s a mighty important factor.

Dell is the first example here with the cringe-worthy name, “Streak.” What? Check out my streak! Excuse me, your what? I’m stroking, er, I mean swiping my Streak.

Well, plus one for Dell’s sense of humor. And Apple can thank them too for taking pressure off their much-ridiculed iPad name. If the name is not bad enough then check out the device itself. The screen is only 5-inches small, placing it firmly in competition with … smartphones. Not tablets or even netbooks. Can you say “no-mans land”? The best part of the Streak is that it runs Android, Google’s increasingly popular mobile operating system.

Via Tablet PC: That's not happiness to see me

Next up is this Via-based Web pad. Granted it’s only a “reference design.” Still, this is one design direction to be avoided. Thick. Clumsy. Flat-out ugly. If the iPad is a Ferrari, then this is a Yugo with 4 flat tires. Come on, are you kidding me? Let’s hope that the entire design changes soon. Considering these things are expected to roll out the second half of this year, people better get moving. One more caveat: The price for these are reportedly $100-150 so, again, I supposed I should cut them some slack, and just be grateful more devices are hitting the market. More choice, more innovation. I supposed that can’t be bad. But, man, still…

Apple iPad: You had me at hello.