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Amazon starts selling TVs

Amazon TVs? Not much of a surprise there

Welcome to Planet Amazon.
Apple iPhone 13 camera

Mark the Date: New iPhone launch set for Sept. 14

Apple iPhone 13: faster A15 processor, smaller notch, 120Hz always-on display, and more.
NAD Masters M10 V2 BluOS Streaming Amplifier

NAD announces M10 V2, updated version of its high-res streaming amplifier

A beautiful all-in-one component for those who want the best.
Apple to add ProRes to the iPhone

Apple to add ProRes recording to iPhone – this will be a big deal for the camera market

The professional codec is widely used across the film and television industry.
Apple Plans Faster Watch, Future Temperature and Glucose Sensors

New Apple Watches to feature more sensors, rugged sports edition

Fitbit and Garmin are potentially vulnerable targets for Apple's market leading wearables.
Apple’s all-online Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off June 7 with keynote address

iOS 15: Apple Focus and grouped notifications based on location, time of day is pretty slick

CEO Tim Cook kicked off Apple's annual developer conference after several creative mocked up versions of the opening as directed by various filmmakers. Once the real Tim Cook took the stage -- in front of a packed auditorium of raucous emojis no less -- it was time to get...