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Apple iPad

Survey: Apple iPad continues to pummel traditional print media

Keeping up with news and current events is the most popular use of the Apple iPad.
Amazon Kindle 2 and Apple iPad

Do consumers prefer Apple iPad over Amazon Kindle?

Over the last three months the iPad has doubled its market share to 32% while Kindle has fallen 15% to 47%.
Apple MacBook Air

Why Apple should make an iPad Air

I believe only Apple can pull-off this product design. But I'm not convinced they would want to... would it make business sense?
Apple MacBook Air

MacBook Air has feel of an Apple iPad – convergence coming?

Over the long term it doesn't make sense to have separate Mac and iPad lines.
Target to sell Apple iPad

Pick up an Apple iPad and your Halloween Candy at Target

Piper Jaffray raised its target on Apple (AAPL) to $390 and increased its estimate of Apple iPad sales in 2011 to 21 million units (up from 14.5 million).
Me & Larry: How long will Mark Hurd Part II last?

Have you Hurd about the new iPods?

Hurd to make about $11 million next year. The embargo on the new Apple iPods is lifted.
Google Chrome OS Tablet mock-up

10 reasons why HTC, Verizon, Google can go toe-to-toe with Apple iPad

And just like Avatar did for 3-D, Apple is now doing for Tablet PCs; where there's money, there's a gold rush.
Asus netbook sales hurt by iPad

Apple iPad takes a bite out of Asus netbook sales

Like hoards of others, Asus too will step into the tablet arena. It plans to introduce an Android-based table in the first quarter of next year.
Amazon Kindle only $139

New Amazon Kindle should be a hit

Eventually I expect these devices to be free, or almost free. The gravy is in the digital books. Just like Apple wants you to consume content from iTunes.
Flipboard Social Magazine

Flipboard social magazine for iPad

The new iPad app marries social networking technology—Twitter and Facebook—with traditional magazine-style layout.