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Me & Larry: How long will Mark Hurd Part II last?

Have you Hurd about the new iPods?

Hurd to make about $11 million next year. The embargo on the new Apple iPods is lifted.
Google Chrome OS Tablet mock-up

10 reasons why HTC, Verizon, Google can go toe-to-toe with Apple iPad

And just like Avatar did for 3-D, Apple is now doing for Tablet PCs; where there's money, there's a gold rush.
Asus netbook sales hurt by iPad

Apple iPad takes a bite out of Asus netbook sales

Like hoards of others, Asus too will step into the tablet arena. It plans to introduce an Android-based table in the first quarter of next year.
Amazon Kindle only $139

New Amazon Kindle should be a hit

Eventually I expect these devices to be free, or almost free. The gravy is in the digital books. Just like Apple wants you to consume content from iTunes.
Flipboard Social Magazine

Flipboard social magazine for iPad

The new iPad app marries social networking technology—Twitter and Facebook—with traditional magazine-style layout.
Kindle likes the Sun

Kindle commercial – differentiation in action

Kindle's killer "app" so to speak is its display: It works outdoors.
Summer tech gadgets

Summer gadget roundup

The most interesting, travel-ready (but not necessarily kid or sand proof), flat-out-fun gadgets available today.

Tablet sales to eclipse Netbooks by 2012, but why?

It's a perfect storm of cultural transformation: social networking, micro-communication, and a societal premium placed on content consumption.
Apple iPad banned Yankee Stadium

Why did the Yankees ban the iPad from the ballpark?

If you're going to a Yankees baseball game, you can't bring a laptop. And now you can't bring in your iPad either. When I saw the headline about the ban I wondered why they would initiate such a "security" policy. Perhaps when fans are surfing, they are less prone to...

New tablets make Apple iPad look even better

Want proof that Apple does it right? When it comes to the gloriously sexy new iPad, all you need to do is look at what everyone else is doing. Disaster is one of the first words that comes to mind. Rush-job might be another. It seems like Apple does...