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Sony RX100 IV Camera - Photo tests

Hands on with the Sony RX-100 IV compact camera (Photos)

This little thing continues to impress me to no end. Against all expectations, the new Sony RX100 IV delivers wonderful image quality in a remarkably tiny, and well engineered, body. I wouldn't trade in my Canon 70D quite yet, though it's getting a little long in the tooth. I'd miss...
Sony RX100 IV next to Canon EOS 70D

Sony RX100 IV: 5 killer features in Sony’s new compact camera

Sony is on a roll. Canon? Nikon? When it comes to innovation in cameras -- stills, videos, full frame sensors... you name it -- Sony seems to be leading the pack. Case in point: this new compact Sony RX100 IV shooter. Looks can be deceiving. This is not a simple point-and-shoot camera....

Blackmagic $teals NAB with URSA Mini cinema camera

Once again Blackmagic Design drummed up buzz aplenty at NAB in Vegas. This time with a new, compact Super 35 camera called the URSA Mini. A direct threat to the Canon C100 Mark II and Sony FS7?

Google Glass doesn’t need a Google Glass killer, but Sony tries anyways

Google Glass flopped. But that hasn't stopped Sony from taking a (misguided) swing at the wearable market. SmartEyeglass retails for $849, but I don't think they could give these monstrosities away for free.

Run-and-Gun Champ: Sony a7S or Sony FS7 Super 35?

Say your budget is $10,000. Do you buy a Sony a7S and build it out, or do you make a squeeze and buy it plus a new Sony FS7 giving you both stealth, plus Super 35 options?
Sony FS7 Super 35 Cinema Camera

From Canon DSLR to Sony FS7 Super 35 – A New Era for Stark Insider Video?

Making the jump from a Canon DSLR to a Sony FS7 XDCAM Super 35 camera. The decision, budgeting, spousal drama. What on earth am I thinking?!

Sony employs halo pricing strategy with $1,100 Walkman

With the absurd price of the new Walkman, Sony has us right where it wants us - talking about the product, decrying its price, and awaiting a cheaper follow-on.

Sony previews 5-axis image stabilization with a7 II (It’s awesome)

The a7 II will ship with 5-axis stabilization built-in. The result will be smoother, clearer shots. How will Canon and Nikon respond?
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - Engadget

HTC One M8 is missing this really important feature

The real challenge facing HTC is not the lack of a feature, or that it makes what is arguably the most beautiful phone, Android or otherwise. It the bottom line. As in the financial bottom line.