Microsoft Surface Bookvideo

Surface Book: Microsoft reinvents the laptop (Video)

Did Microsoft just out-Apple Apple?

Try as it might, Microsoft once again goes head-to-head against Apple (Surface Video)

Microsoft Surface 3 vs. MacBook Air. The problem I have with this kind of advertising is primarily that it resorts to negativity. You can't do that. I can! You can't do this. I can!

Microsoft continues to simplify, pares down Windows to one unified version

Windows to become one platform. New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has wasted little time in making sweeping changes; all the while, it is clear that this is his company.

Culture shake-up in the cards for Microsoft

Given that Microsoft and Apple are arch rivals, it's only natural that each take their turn basking in the sun. For Apple, that time is now. For Microsoft, that time might be.

With Surface Pro 3 Microsoft attempts to redefine the laptop

Surface Pro goes on sale starting at $799. It comes in Intel i3, i5, and i7 processor configurations. Is it enough to take on Apple iPad Air and Android devices?

Asus VivoTab Note 8 tablet runs Windows 8.1, targets mobile productivity

Asus unveils Windows-based 8-inch tablet with quad-core processor and Wacom digitizer pen for $329. Ships March 25.

Android Smartphones as Microsoft’s Core Strategy? Jabberwocky

Unless I'm missing something (and isn't that a possibility?!) I don't see one good reason for Microsoft to abandon ship, and go whole hog on Android.

Samsung’s Android attack could begin with Tizen-powered Smartwatch

Tizen and Galaxy Gear together? That sounds like a flop double down.

Windows, Windows Phone apps one step closer with Microsoft Universal Store

Universal Store coming? One of the biggest challenges facing Microsoft is a deficit in quality apps. Unifying its myriad of platforms could help.

Apple iOS in Decline: This chart says it all

Is Apple dead? No. But you've got to wonder if there's another hit in them. Just how bad are they strugglling. This chart will tell you in 10 seconds.