Nexus 5 screen hairline crack result of a design flaw?

We compared the Nexus 5 to the iPhone 5 and noticed a seemingly minor design difference in the speaker cutout. Did it lead to a cracked screen?

HTC One M8 is missing this really important feature

The real challenge facing HTC is not the lack of a feature, or that it makes what is arguably the most beautiful phone, Android or otherwise. It the bottom line. As in the financial bottom line.

Smartwatch Comparo: Moto 360 vs. Pebble

It's going to get really tough for Pebble, the company. LG, HTC, Samsung and Motorola are all charging into the wearables space.

Moto 360 could be first elegant Android Wear smartwatch (Video)

Others expected to release Android Wear-powered smartwatches include LG, Asus, HTC and Samsung. The big question: Why is Apple not already leading this market?

5 Things Google should do with Android 4.5

Will Android 4.5 be called Lollipop, Ladoo, or something else? Maybe Google will surprise us all with another (odd) consumer confectionery tie-in? My money's on Life Savers.

Google says battery fix on the way for Nexus 5

Google says it has identified a Nexus 5 bug associated with an Android process that causes the CPU to run abnormally high. Fixes will be rolled out soon.

What time is it? Mickey Mouse says it’s time for a new Pebble watchface

Watch out Pebble & Mickey. Here comes: Samsung, Sony, LG (with Google), Martian, Meta, Razer, Neptune, i'm Watch (?), and, of course, Cookoo (again, ?). Wearables are hot.

Android Dominates Mobile World Congress

Google appears content letting Android run free, sort of like free love, or, for the competition, scurvy.

Samsung Galaxy S5: 5 Things we know about the next killer Android handset

Would Samsung dare to release a version of the S5 running an OS other than Android?

Colorful Nexus 5 Handsets Possibly on the Way – Gimmick?

Those who like to add a splash of color, perhaps to match their shoes, their purse, or their yellow Lamborghini, well, then have at it. I'm all for it. No harm, no foul.