Google Launches iPad Mini Fighter – Holiday Tablet Market Heats Up

As Apple has proven with the runaway success that is the iPad Mini, the consumer appetite for a tweener tablet is voracious.

Nexus 5 Camera Fix on the Way (Android 4.4.1)

Google has been focusing on an assortment of fixes for the Nexus 5 camera which will be bundled into an Android 4.4.1 release.

LG and the Nexus 5 Bump

Why LG? Why LG?! Curse you LG. You make a nearly perfect phone (it is very very good) and then you go and decide to get lazy on one small but critical detail.

LG gets the Nexus 5 right (mostly)

It takes only a few seconds--milliseconds rather--to realize this is a Ferrari F12... or, better yet, a Lambo Aventador, when it comes to performance. Blazes!

Bargain Android

At $199, the Nexus 4 is the steal of the century. Somebody call Chevy Chase! But the price drop does put a crimp on my upgrade plans.

Life After Nexus 4: Unlocked HTC One available for $575

For those with upgrade-itis (hey, I've had my Nexus 4 for six months already... an eternity!), the HTC One could hold us over until either the X-Phone or Nexus 5 lands in the U.S.

Nexus 5 – Bigger is better

One thing I came to really appreciate about my experience with the last two Nexus devices: the large screens.

Nexus 5 could be the Holy Grail

Unfortunately, if the rumors are true, like the Nexus 4 before it, this one will again be made by LG. I was hoping for HTC, or Motorola, or Sony.

In search of a car dock for Nexus 4

Maybe it's petty. Is it really that far-fetched, though, to want the conveniences that these add-ons provide to owning a flagship Android such as the Nexus 4?

Android Dilemma: HTC One or LG Nexus 4?

HTC One (2013) is a beautifully designed phone, featuring a 5-inch HD display, Beats Audio, fast performance. But unlocked Nexus 4 freedom is hard to beat.