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Samsung Galaxy S5: 5 Things we know about the next killer Android handset

Would Samsung dare to release a version of the S5 running an OS other than Android?

Colorful Nexus 5 Handsets Possibly on the Way – Gimmick?

Those who like to add a splash of color, perhaps to match their shoes, their purse, or their yellow Lamborghini, well, then have at it. I'm all for it. No harm, no foul.

Google Launches iPad Mini Fighter – Holiday Tablet Market Heats Up

As Apple has proven with the runaway success that is the iPad Mini, the consumer appetite for a tweener tablet is voracious.

Nexus 5 Camera Fix on the Way (Android 4.4.1)

Google has been focusing on an assortment of fixes for the Nexus 5 camera which will be bundled into an Android 4.4.1 release.

LG and the Nexus 5 Bump

Why LG? Why LG?! Curse you LG. You make a nearly perfect phone (it is very very good) and then you go and decide to get lazy on one small but critical detail.

LG gets the Nexus 5 right (mostly)

It takes only a few seconds--milliseconds rather--to realize this is a Ferrari F12... or, better yet, a Lambo Aventador, when it comes to performance. Blazes!

Bargain Android

At $199, the Nexus 4 is the steal of the century. Somebody call Chevy Chase! But the price drop does put a crimp on my upgrade plans.

Life After Nexus 4: Unlocked HTC One available for $575

For those with upgrade-itis (hey, I've had my Nexus 4 for six months already... an eternity!), the HTC One could hold us over until either the X-Phone or Nexus 5 lands in the U.S.

Nexus 5 – Bigger is better

One thing I came to really appreciate about my experience with the last two Nexus devices: the large screens.

Nexus 5 could be the Holy Grail

Unfortunately, if the rumors are true, like the Nexus 4 before it, this one will again be made by LG. I was hoping for HTC, or Motorola, or Sony.