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Google Maps and Waze navigation GPS apps for iOS and Android

Google Maps and Waze continue to morph

When Google bought Waze for $1.3 billion last summer my suspicion was that we'd see a "Waze layer" type of option that would place all of its social capability on top of the existing Maps app.

Maps Solution: Apple should buy Waze

According to Waze CEO Noam Bardin, in 5 years there will be two mapping views of the world: Google and Waze. "If I'm going to be the second map out there to Google, shouldn't I go public?"

Google Maps Offline hands-on (Verdict: Finally! Great!)

I currently use an OG Motorola Droid (2009 baby!) for nav, but I'd much rather use my Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Tab 7 in the car. With offline mode, that's now a possibility.

Google Maps now features indoor walking directions, location-based coupons

In the battle of location based marketing, the couponing service, which will alert users of nearby deals, is clearly aimed at the likes of Groupon and Living Social.

Google Street View causing ripples

Germany, Korea, and others, however are not amused.

Google Maps navigation on Motorola Droid (and Android) adds night mode

The already superb built-in navigation on the Motorola Droid (and Android 2.0/2.1) just got even better with the addition of night mode. Yes, please get me a megaphone so I can run to the nearest mountain top (Mt. Hamilton) and start hollering this spectacular news. But for me, of...

Magellan releases Navigation app for iPhone, Google #1 threat

GPS makers, notably Magellan and Garmin (GRMN, market cap $6.2B), are in full scramble mode. Surprising no one, earlier this month Magellan released an iPhone app version of its Roadmate navigation system for $79.99 (regularly $99), now available on iTunes. Although I'm sure they've seen it coming for a while, Google is...

Motorola Droid: 3 of my favorite apps

So far so good. I think I'm sticking with the Droid. After hearing about some of the battery life horror stories with Eris and Hero, the Moto seems like a workhorse. Yesterday, in San Francisco, I used Internet, GPS, email, social networking widgets for a few hours, and again later...

Ever wonder how Google collects street photos for Google Maps?

This is not a green ice cream truck. This is a Google employee doing his job for Google Maps. Plus getting a bonus workout. Along with some giggles and lots of pointing and hollering at the slightly dorky looking contraption. But Google, of course, will get the last laugh as...

Swine flu incidents on Google Maps

For those of you interested in following the progress of Swine flu incidents, Google Maps provides a great way to view the different reports by geography. You can check out the updated map here. When you land on the page, be sure to zoom out in order to see...