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New Gaggia Espresso Deluxe announcement

In Espresso: Gaggia announces new line of semi-automatic machines with PID

At first blush I wasn't sure if this was a new machine, or simply a standard marketing email. But, it is indeed true: Gaggia has released a new line of espresso machines. The legendary Italian company calls the new, compact machine the Espresso Deluxe. Available in four colors (Storm Grey, Riverway...

New Espresso Machine Incoming: Dilette Bello+

Seattle Coffee Gear just revealed an updated version of its in-house espresso machine. The Diletta Bello+ is a single boiler with PID, shot timer, Eco mode and is handmade in Italy. Available in three colors -- black, stainless steel and white -- the machine is now available for order with...
Breville Group - Lelit Bianca espresso machine

In Espresso: Breville Group plans to bring Lelit to “premium mass channel” in 2024

Fans of espresso maker Lelit take heart. Breville's 2022 acquisition of the company looks like it will mean more investment in the famed Italian brand. Digging through Breville Group's latest annual report and investor presentation (posted yesterday) reveals a few interesting plans regarding not only Lelit, but for the entire...
Jura ENA 8 super-automatic espresso machine first look review

First Look: Jura ENA 8 super-automatic espresso machine

Today we take a first look and share impressions of the new Jura ENA 8 super-automatic espresso machine. When you think of fancy all-in-one coffee machines chances are you might think of Jura. The Swiss brand has established itself as a major player in the market for super-automatic espresso machines...
Brewing a Cortado on a Jura Super-Automatic espresso machine is efficient when it comes to milk consumption

Super-Automatic espresso machines possess a superpower when it comes to milk-based drinks

The promise of a Super-Automatic espresso machine is simple: you get Café quality espresso drinks at the touch of a button. Because beans are ground on demand you get a fresh cup every time when you want it. Pretty nice. Bean-to-cup machines as some call them have been around for...
How to Make an Affogato espresso dessert - pouring espresso shot tips

Affogato: Celebrating the classic espresso dessert

This decadent Italian is a show stopper.
Best Espresso Machines - Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

Best espresso machines under $1,000 for beginners and aspiring home baristas

Ready to save some money and cut out your daily Starbucks habit? Buying your own home espresso machine is a great way to not only reduce monthly expenditures, but it's also a potential gateway to a new hobby. Learning how to pull espresso shots and make your own Lattes, Cappuccinos,...
Breville Infuser Espresso Machine with PID

Price Drop: Breville Infuser Espresso Machine gets 25% discount (BES840BSXL)

Breville has discounted one of its most popular espresso machines and is now on sale on Amazon. With a 25% discount the Breville Infuser Espresso Machine (BES840BSXL) is now selling for only $449 USD. That represents savings of about $150. Better still, you don't need to wait for Prime Day...
Gaggia Classic Energy Vibes

Gaggia announces new colors for iconic Classic Pro espresso machine

Gaggia today announced three new colors for its 2023 edition of the venerable Gaggia Classic Pro espresso machine. The options are part of a new line Gaggia calls the Classic Energy Vibes Evo. Yes, it can be hard to keep up with Gaggia these days. Essentially this is the new...
Espresso News - Gaggia Classic Evo Pro, Nespresso Vertuo Pop and best espresso accessories for at-home baristas

Espresso News Round-Up: Gaggia Evo, Nespresso Vertuo Pop, best accessories

Another week of espresso news and articles to recap. Here on Stark Insider we again covered several key events, plus wrote-up some continuing coverage of the best accessories we've tested and used for our coffee station. 2023 Gaggia Classic Evo Pro Significant update to the iconic Gaggia Classic Pro espresso machine Updated...