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Samsung S3 gets quad-core, better than Motorola Droid Fighter?

We know the S3 will be quad-core, but the Droid Fighter (HD?) is likely to arrive with a TI ARM-based dual-core, albeit still a fast performer.

App of the Day: ‘Pay with Square’ virtual wallet now accepted in San Jose

Now here's the magic. When you want to make a payment, say for that pastrami double-double and side of pork rinds, you do... nothing.
SkySafari on iPad

SkySafari 3 app on iTunes free for Lunar Eclipse

According to the company, SkySafari was the only iOS app that correctly reproduced last December's total lunar eclipse.
iPhone 4 on Verizon

Apple iPhone 4 now on Verizon – can you hear me now?

The big question is how this news will impact Android.

Next for Apple iPhone: Replacing your wallet

While they're at it, I'd love to see us leapfrog Europe and really go whole hog.
Verizon iPhone

Apple iPhone on Verizon, will it hurt AT&T or Google Android the most?

Now that AT&T's five year exclusivity is coming to an end, however, the real questions begin.
iTunes subscription model coming soon?

Would you pay $10 for all-you-can-eat Apple iTunes?

Currently Microsoft, with its Zune pass, is one of the few large companies offering a monthly service.
Apple: The Greatest Show on Earth

Apple: The Greatest Show on Earth

Apple's ability to grab headlines seems only matched by the latest celebrity meltdown.

Confessions of an iPhone Chick: Joining the Cracked Screen Club

"What is this line on your screen?" he asks. I rush over. There is a long crack on my screen starting from one side and extending across to the other.

Apple announces new iPhone 4

At times he looked like a crazed and gangly magician, waving, grinning as the crowd oohed and awed.