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bkeeni for iPhone 6 & 6s

Top 5: Hottest tech accessories for summer

Guest post by Jessica Oaks. As summer heats up and fuels peak levels of spontaneity, making memories and traveling, the hottest tech accessories come very handy. Take along any and all of these tech accessories on the hot list for summer 2016 and let the adventure really begin. 1. Bkeeni Phone...
Tom Cruise - Risky Business sunglasses

A brief history of eyeglasses

Guest post by Jessica Oaks. Eyeglasses are really a rather brilliant stroke of ingenuity, if you think about it. Yes, people who wear eyeglasses every day may see them as more of a nuisance than a benefit, but then, imagine having no alternative. Imagine if you couldn't correct your near-sightedness...
Virtual Reality and Theater

Virtual Reality & Live Theater: On the virtual stage anything is possible

Three ways artists, content curators, and technology companies are coming together to bring theatre and other live arts to more viewers.
The Top 5 Ways to Shrink Your Wireless Bill

The top 5 ways to shrink your wireless bill

These simple tips can help you lower the dreaded monthly wireless bill.
Quantum Love - Inferno Theatre Company Review

Love, the Bard and Quarks, Oh My! ‘Quantum Love’ at Inferno (Review)

The central theme is carried inexorably forward, much in the same way one can follow the direction of a ball in a game of pinball - the path may appear haphazard, but important points are scored along the way.
From Samsung to Snapdragon – Why Android is Winning

From Samsung to Snapdragon – Why Android is #Winning

Android's success can be attributed in part to the fact that it's more pervasive and readily available.

The Book of Mormon: Irreverent, adolescent, sophisticated, brazen, hysterical, and just plain fun (Review)

I was curious and eager to see this show at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco the night before Thanksgiving, having had the good fortune to have seen the original production in New York City.

Shiok! Keeping Singaporean food real, yummy, and in the family

Shiok (pronounced ‘shook’ and meaning ‘feels good’ or in the context of food, ‘tingling tastebuds’) is a Singaporean restaurant tucked away on a small side street in downtown Menlo Park.

Tap-and-go Mobile Payment: What’s the hang-up?

If Japan can offer any lessons here – about 20 percent of its population pays for goods and services using mobile devices – it is that laying the groundwork and support for this type of payment takes a deep-pocketed, influential player with a strong will.

Neo Cocoa: The Sweet Life of a Bay Area Chocolatier

In the few years since founding Neo Cocoa, Christine Doerr has garnered some serious accolades including being most awarded at the 2011 San Francisco International Chocolate Salon including Best Truffle and Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience.