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‘Promises, Promises’ a bygone era

Depicting a pre-feminist era when sexual harassment was almost considered acceptable masculine behavior, the story is certainly an eye-opener in terms of the way women were treated 45 years ago.

Theater Review: ‘Reckless’ a welcome break from the usual holiday fare

In its own special way this comic odyssey, which is as dark as it is hilarious, is as wonderful and indelible as anything Frank Capra could have imagined.
Loreto Bay Village Voice

Voices of Loreto: Drenched

Living in the Baja, we fully expect to have periods devoid of phones, Internet, or electricity. For the 3 million inhabitants spread over this skinny half-a-million-square mile peninsula, there are few modern conveniences.

‘Die Fledermaus’ Review – An Operetta in Grand Style

Although the plot involves infidelity, duplicity and revenge, it’s a frothy romp that waltzes its way onto your funny bone and doesn’t let go until the last bottle of bubbly is uncorked.

Loreto, Baja California Sur: Fall Back—Waaaay Back

Surprisingly, in the villages of Loreto Bay in Baja California Sur, Mexico, word-of-mouth is almost as fast as email, Twitter and Facebook.

‘Anything Goes’ – Cole Porter at his best

Stephane Alwyn’s portrayal, both in terms of singing and acting, is a spot on evocation of the style and essence of a debonair leading man of the period.

‘Doubt, A Parable’ – Certainty can stifle the truth

This taut, engrossing masterpiece does not confine itself to the cerebral, with the more inspirational and human interludes taking place in the remaining two sections of the artfully imagined triptych scenic design.

Grand Opera – ‘The Pearl Fishers’ an impressive season opener

The young and exotically good-looking Ms. Lopez makes for a convincing Leila, and her siren voice is truly enchanting.

‘Collapse’ – All we can do is learn to fall together (Review)

But what makes this Renegade Theatre Experiment production a success is the marvelous cast, anchored by a compelling performance by the luminous Alika Ululani Spencer

‘Ragtime’ – An uncompromising, lavish production

Director Lee Foster, undaunted by the limited confines of a small thrust stage, has produced a triumphant musical experience that is both visionary in scope and a master class in imaginative theatrical staging.