Janice Nieder

Janice Nieder could be the love child of Indiana Jones and Julia Child. Previously a specialty food consultant in NYC, Janice is currently a San Francisco-based culinary tourism writer who has wined & dined her way through 80 countries. To keep things in balance, Janice also enjoys writing about her Girlfriend Getaways which include spa visits, soft-core adventure, cultural events, shopping, boutique hotels, and chef interviews.
Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa

Greater Phoenix Phenom for Gourmet Girlfriend Getaway

The Phoenix Phoodie scene is phenomenal. Amazingly talented chefs can be found cooking their toques off everywhere from funky food trucks to Kai, the only (well-deserved) 5 star restaurant in Arizona, with impeccably well-trained staff everywhere, which is always a bonus.

ABC’s of North Carolina Part 3: Blowing Rock

Unfortunately, we encountered some freaky cold weather with torrential downpours so all we could manage was a very slow and careful drive from Point A (Asheville) to point B (Blowing Rock). But the views were still fantastic.

ABC’s of North Carolina Part 2: Asheville

I always assumed that the estate was called Biltmore, because they just kept “building more” but it actually gets its name from combining two words: "Bildt" the region in Holland where the Vanderbilt family originated, and "more," an old English word meaning upland rolling hills
North Carolina

ABC’s of North Carolina Part 1: Charlotte

Unlike other American cities, Charlotte's building boom is going strong with 8 of its tallest buildings completed within the last decade.

Polish Highlander Culinary Adventure – from Applecake to Zapiekanka

As I folded the crescent-shaped dough, I again heard that infernal "Nie, Nie, Nie." My personal, Polish version of Gordon Ramsay had snuck up behind me.

24 hours of glorious gluttony in Warsaw

A day in Warsaw, Poland starts at the Polonia Palace with an eye-opening shot of vodka.

Fishing and Hunting for real men – Missoula, MT

“Your confidence builds over the years, but you also realize how much can go wrong. Sure, it’s scary jumping into a 1,600 degree roaring fire, but it’s also a lot of fun-- being involved with a lot of like-minded guys in something bigger than you.”

S.W. Alabama Girlfriend Getaway feeds body and soul (part 2)

A trip to Monroeville (the epitome of a charming, hospitable Southern town complete with a picture-perfect town square) is a must for admirers of “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

S.W. Alabama Girlfriend Getaway feeds body and soul (part 1)

“Do you like a good ghost story?” I enquired. Yes, ma’am, I sure do,” she replied earnestly. Next thing I knew, her daddy was right along side her, listening just as intently.

Tuscumbia’s 50th anniversary of the “Miracle Worker” still captivates audience, pt.2

The Fonz would be right at home in this nostalgic soda fountain.