Every week I learn something new. This time: kids are way too smart.

Don’t be fooled. As I discovered as a judge at the Synopsys Science Fair in San Jose, there is an emerging, young generation of smarties. It’s all enough to remind me of my receding hairline and dimming memory cells. The future, however, is bright.

Loni was ecstatic to report that Adobe matched your donations for the 2009 Loreto calendar initiative resulting in over $1,300 going to Animalandia. Bravo everyone. Don’t forget to submit your photos to be considered for the 2010 Loreto Calendar! Loni announced we are now looking for your best, most interesting, quirky, personal, humorous photos. Email them to loretocalendar@starkinsider.com. We’ll be making further announcements soon. Maybe even a poll. And then later in the year we’ll announce the winning entries.

The SSC Loreto Guide has been expanded and updated. You can now add your own ratings and reviews. Jim Hallett wrote some helpful reviews:

On El Super Burro:

“The best bargain in town. Located near the stop light–ask someone to point you toward it–don’t be fooled by the plain plastic tables and chairs. It’s really fun here…” (link to entire review in SSC Loreto Guide)

On La Picazon:

“A slow 5-mile dirt road slog to this place is actually a beautiful drive to a pristine location–a giant palapa on the beach…” (link to entire review in SSC Loreto Guide)

Sally Jones and Baja Barry, along with Loni, are discussing furniture options in Loreto in the Furniture and Household Goods section.

Why not jump in with a thought, comment, review, question or amusing anecdote? The SSC Loreto Guide has 17 sections covering everything from home maintenance and banking services to spa, storage and visa (FM3) immigration tips. In food and dining, there are over 40 restaurants with contact information, photos and reviews.

There has been lot of HOA activity regarding Loreto Bay. Drew wrote an update on Living Loreto (‘Home is where the Association is’) about what’s happening. Also, if you’re a LB homeowner check out the CLB site for more discussions.

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