San Francisco

On Location: Halloween at Union Square, San Francisco

Before and after November at ACT, Clint and Loni walked the streets among the crazies, fitting right in.

On Location: The Tenderloin Experiment

An edgy evening in San Francisco, heading to The Bald Soprano at Cutting Box Theater. Spot the Dario Argento homage!

Pieces of Bay Bridge fall: Once again Twitter first on the scene

Check out this dramatic photo posted to Twitter today by a very anxious and concerned bridge crosser. That is a cable and steel fragments, fallen from a cantilever section of the famous Bay Bridge which links San Francisco to Oakland; the bridge that commuters universally loathe.I can only imagine...

Opening this week: Spring Awakening (Broadway San Jose), November (ACT), Bald Soprano (Cutting Ball), Mrs. Whitney (Magic)

Quick update for all you fans of great theater and musicals! The hits keep coming. Four shows open this week in the San Francisco Bay Area.At the American Conservatory Theater (ACT) in San Francisco, we have November, a political satire by David Mamet.Apparently it would make "even a Glengarry...

Disastrous newspaper circulation numbers, San Francisco Chronicle loses 25% of its subscribers

No sense in kicking an industry when it's down, but you may find it hard not to rubber neck a little at the sight that is traditional media, dying roadside. And it's Frankenstein ugly—too bad, it only wanted some readers and love.According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, all...
The Creature Black Box Theatre San Francisco

On Location: Live Sushi and The Creature in San Francisco

Check out the Porsche: I think he just robbed a bank!!

Theater review: ‘The Creature’ an unbelievably good story

"I am satisfied!" says The Creature as his journey nears an end in Trevor Allen's adaptation of the famous Mary Shelley novel, Frankenstein. And so was I. Very. This production is a through-and-through masterpiece.If it was a bumper car ride at the fair, I'd circle back into line to...

Theater review: ‘Goldfish’ West Coast premiere at Magic Theatre

The Bay Area Premiere of "Goldfish" is a gritty and heart wrenching study by playwright John Kolvenbach into the bonds that unite us as fathers, mothers, sons and daughters and what happens when change threatens them.Leo (Rod Gnapp) is the father to a loving teenage son, Albert (Andrew Pastides)....

In search of Goldfish and Blue Angels

Clint and Loni fight 101 traffic on way to San Francisco in search of Goldfish and Blue Angels, run into 49ers.