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Bay Area Theater season kicks off this month

And just like that, we're into mid-August. Which means for many San Francisco Bay Area arts fans the start of the new theater season. Expect your calendar to fill up quickly, and provide lots of laughs (a popular theme this year, fittingly given the economy), challenging dramas, classic revivals...

Theater review: SF Playhouse ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ captures emotion, oppression, spirit

My how times have changed. A lot of so-called  therapy today (not that I would know!) is based on spa-like treatment administered under the guise of "wellness." Patients are pampered and can tweet and Facebook to their narcissistic-heart's content. But there was a day, at least according to writer Ken...

Inside the Secret Sherry Society at Slanted Door, San Francisco

What is the Secret Sherry Society? How do you join? ...And what mystery awaits... ? Find out as Loni pulls back the curtain and exposes this sherry sipping bunch! https://vimeo.com/5827892

San Francisco Chronicle goes wrinkle-free with new “high-definition” format

Here's a European twist on the standard newspaper trend piece. Usually we hear about things like Kindle when talking about next generation newspaper delivery. Starting today, however, the San Francisco Chronicle is delivering a glossy—or "high-definition"—look to the newspaper. No tech gadgets required. Following in the footsteps of several overseas big-city...
Cable Car Museum San Francisco

Cable Car Museum, San Francisco: A detour into history on Mason Street

The fall of cable cars came about when the earthquake of 1906 wiped out a lot of the infrastructure and surrounding buildings.

Theater Review: Stamp of approval for ‘Mauritius’

Mauritius is showcase of talent, story and first-class entertainment.
XoX Truffles North Beach San Francisco

Adventurous XOX Truffles in San Francisco’s North Beach

XOX has been featured on Food Network, OpenRoad.TV, Bay Cafe... and, now, Stark Insider ... ha, they thought business was good before!?

Theater review: Edward Albee’s ‘At Home at the Zoo’ at A.C.T. San Francisco

A puzzle, I thought, as I peered from my seat at a rectangular white canvas spanning the width of the stage. I waited in anticipation and was soon relieved when the canvas swooshed up revealing a stark white, modern living room. The outlines of various pieces of furniture could only...

San Francisco Tour: Cable Car Museum (Video)

Inside the still functioning (and loud!) San Francisco Cable Car Museum. Large motors, gears and cables. Also the history of the great 1906 SF earthquake and its impact on the city and transportation. https://vimeo.com/5101173

Caravan North from Loreto to San Francisco

Sunday and all parties have checked in. The SF Caravan North of four more Loretoean WantaBe's has successfully landed. The search for the northern territory (AKA USA) started Thursday night where the "clan" plotted the drive north. Early Friday morning the caravan came together and started the trek north on...