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“Wasps & Lavender” – Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera or Canon C100 II? (Video)

Shooting wasps is an exercise in patience. That's the first thing I learned. It's also an exercise in liberal sunscreen. Squinting. And, waiting some more. I now have utmost respect for those who stake out exotic locales and spend hours upon hour awaiting the perfect shot of that Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan. And here I...

DSLR Filmmaking Gear: What’s in my bag? (Too much!)

I found myself doing what I tell myself never to do: taking gratuitous photos of my gear. Sigh. Why on earth do all of us involved in videography feel compelled to do this -- as if we're taking monumentally profound shots of famous landmarks, or memorable events, or loved...
Rebel Without a Crew - Robert Rodriguez

Need filmmaking inspiration? Read ‘Rebel Without A Crew’ asap

Some times less is more. Often it seems creativity flourishes in an absence of infinite resources. Case in point: Robert Rodriguez. At only 23 years-old, the Texas native -- now, famously -- scrapped together $7,000 to shoot his first film. Not only would his epic work ethic result in the starry-eyed dreamer's...
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame DSLR Camera

Should you buy a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera?

The wait is over. Well, almost. Canon has unveiled the long-awaited EOS 5D Mark IV full frame DSLR. Headline features for the new 5D IV include 4K video (30p/24p), GPS, NFC and Wi-Fi (maybe a stretch to call that a marquee feature when we have wi-fi enabled toasters), 30.4 MP full-frame...
Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking

Film School 101: Werner Herzog teaches me filmmaking

It's official. I'm now "studying under" famed filmmaker Werner Herzog. Well, actually we all are... A few months ago I enrolled in the German director's MasterClass. You've probably seen ads for the web site -- most notably the ones by Ron Howard on directing and others on writing, comedy, and various...

Shot on Canon 80D: Vancouver SkyTrain in search of creative impulse (Video)

Experimenting with Canon 80D neutral profile and Alexa LUT to create dreamy/filmic look.

Wanderlust Video: “1797” Mission San Juan Bautista (Shot on RED Raven)

Sloooow motion. Slow-mo. Right?! Doesn't slowing a moving image down just make everything seem more interesting? Possibly. We see it in sports all the time during replays. And, in case you never noticed, take time to watch that next luxury goods commercial, say, for a Lexus car. Note the use...

Sound Design in Video Production: Before and after (Video)

What does a scene for a short film feel like before sound editing? I took "A Surprise Delivery" from my short All American Apple Pie (full video at bottom of post), and was curious to know how the original footage looked and sounded before the mix. I wondered how different it would feel without...

Shooting on RED Raven: Thoughts from a DSLR guy (Test Video)

It's a wrap! We finished our first shoot with the RED Raven cinema camera and I'm here, as a DSLR/Canon C100 kind of guy, to share the experience, along with a few thoughts. What's good and bad about shooting a Stark Insider video on RED? But first, some brief context -- I...